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Diabetic Eye Care in Dakota Dunes

Specialized diabetic eye exams are important to effectively manage the unique challenges that affect patients with diabetes. It’s important to regularly screen for diabetic retinopathy to reduce the chances the condition will lead to vision loss.

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Protect Your Gift of Sight with Advanced Diabetic Eye Care

Diabetes poses unique challenges when it comes to your vision. It is the most common-occurring cause of vision loss and blindness for people younger than 65. Patients diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes should have comprehensive well-vision and vision-medical exams conducted annually by an eye doctor with experience in diabetic eye care.

Dunes Eye Consultants provides quality diabetic eye care in Dakota Dunes and surrounding areas. Our expertise has helped improve the quality of life for countless patients through vision-medical exams, comprehensive treatment plans, and coordinating treatment with patients’ primary care physicians.

Protect your precious gift of sight and ensure the best overall eye health with proper diagnosis and treatment at Dunes Eye Consultants.

Understanding Diabetic Eye Disease and Its Challenges

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Diabetic Eye Disease and How to Prevent Vision Loss

Diabetic eye disease encompasses various eye problems, such as dry eye, temporary blurry vision, early cataract formation, and the risk of developing glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy, specifically, occurs when high blood sugar damages the blood vessels in the retina. This can lead to swelling, fluid leakage, or even bleeding, resulting in significant vision changes or blindness if left untreated. To prevent vision loss, it is crucial for patients with diabetes to maintain control of their blood sugar levels and have regular follow-ups with their doctor. Additionally, managing blood pressure, monitoring cholesterol levels, adopting a healthy diet, and engaging in regular exercise all play vital roles in preventing vision loss associated with diabetic eye disease.

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Advanced Technology for Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy

At Dunes Eye Consultants, we utilize an advanced technology called Optomap ultra-widefield retina imaging to detect early signs of diabetic retinopathy. Traditional eye evaluation methods may miss these signs, but Optomap imaging captures over 80% of your retina in a single image, providing a comprehensive view of your eye health. The retina is the only place where blood vessels can be directly observed, making it a valuable location for early detection of diabetes-related changes. Our Optomap diabetic eye exam is painless, non-invasive, and suitable for all ages. With quick image capture and immediate availability, our eye doctors can efficiently detect potential retinal disease, enabling timely intervention and reducing the risk of vision loss.


Diabetic retinopathy is treatable, especially when an early diagnosis is obtained. Protecting your vision lies with knowing the stages of diabetic retinopathy and what to expect. There are four stages, classified as mild nonproliferative, moderate nonproliferative, severe nonproliferative, and proliferative.

  1. Mild Nonproliferative: This first stage typically involves balloon-like swelling in small areas of the retina’s blood vessels.
  2. Moderate Nonproliferative: The second stage leads to blockage of the retina’s blood vessels.
  3. Severe Nonproliferative: This is the third stage associated with more blocked blood vessels and leads to inadequate blood flow to areas of the retina. This severe blockage results in an inability to replace damaged blood vessels with new ones.
  4. Proliferative: The fourth and final stage is an advanced stage where new blood vessels grow but in a frail and abnormal state, leading to blood leakage, vision loss, and possible blindness.
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Treating DiabeticEye Disease
at Dunes Eye Consultants

At our Diabetic Eye Clinic, we are dedicated to preventing vision loss caused by diabetes. Through comprehensive intervention, regular exams, and diligent follow-up, we aim to reduce the impact of diabetes on vision. We focus on enhancing patient education and delivering high-quality diabetic eye care in the region. Utilizing the cutting-edge Optomap ultra-widefield screening device, we can accurately assess the intricate structure of small vessels, facilitating the early detection of diabetic eye disease. By identifying and treating the condition at its earliest stages, we strive to achieve optimal outcomes and preserve vision.

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