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Vision Correction at Your Fingertips

Discover the freedom of clear vision with contact lenses. Whether you need vision correction for nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, our contact lenses offer a comfortable and convenient solution. Experience the benefits of hassle-free vision with contact lenses in Dakota Dunes.

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Contact Lens Exams, Fittings, and Follow-ups in Dunes Eye Consultants

A comprehensive eye exam is the first step in determining your suitability for contact lens wear. Our optometrists will assess your eye health and prescription to ensure that contact lenses are a safe and appropriate option for you. They will also rule out any pre-existing conditions that could affect wearing contact lenses.

Contact Lens Exam

During your contact lens exam, we go beyond a standard consultation. Our eye doctors will take the time to discuss your vision correction goals and carefully consider your lifestyle requirements. They will also evaluate the health of your tear film and perform specific tests to measure your eyes. This comprehensive evaluation lets us determine the most suitable contact lenses for your needs.

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Contact Lens Fitting
Our optometrists will recommend the best-fitting contact lenses based on the assessment of your eyes and the information gathered during the consultation. They consider factors like lens material, design, and wearing schedule. In most cases, you can try on lenses on the same day as your exam and even take home samples to experience them firsthand before making a final decision.

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Follow-Up Fittings
After the initial contact lens fitting, our Dakota Dunes team conducts follow-up appointments to assess the fit and comfort of the lenses and make any necessary adjustments. We also provide instructions on proper contact lens care and hygiene. Long-term follow-up visits are scheduled to monitor the condition of the lenses and ensure that your eye health is preserved.

At Dunes Eye Consultants, we prioritize your comfort, safety, and vision needs throughout the entire contact lens exam process. We aim to provide clear, hassle-free vision while promoting optimal eye health.

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Eye Exams for Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are an excellent alternative to wearing glasses and offer patients much-needed flexibility. Whether you want to wear contacts full-time, part-time, or only for workouts and special occasions, they can help give you the freedom glasses cannot. The team at Dunes Eye Consultants is here to help you find the perfect new contact lenses to meet your needs. We offer specialized eye exams and contact lens fittings to ensure your new contacts fit precisely and provide all the features you need. Our contact lens exams include a comprehensive eye exam to check your overall eye health, as well as a general vision prescription and a contact lens consultation.