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Located at 305 Dakota Dunes Blvd, Dakota Dunes.

Register Online for Routine Eye Exams at Dunes Eye Consultants

At Dunes Eyes Consultants, we are a dedicated team of optical specialists that take every measure to ensure that your vision and health are at their best.

If you’re scheduling your first appointment with our optometry team, we invite you to complete an online patient registration form. By completing the form, you give our eye specialists the information necessary to provide you with the best vision care possible. Filling out our new patient form online will also save you time.

If you have any questions regarding the online form or our office, please contact us at (605) 232-5000.

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Online Patient Registration

Our patient registration form collects your vision medical history. When we welcome new patients, it is essential for us to gather information about their medical history, current vision status, allergies, and other relevant conditions. All of your information is confidential and is incorporated into our system to help us provide you with the best eye care service in South Dakota. We thank you for your time and look forward to seeing you soon! To fill out the patient registration form, please click here.

First eye exam at Dunes Eye Consultants?

Our optometrists at Dunes Eyes Consultants specialize in the many complexities of the human eye, including diseases and other vision-related impairments. With an in-depth knowledge base and advanced optical technology, our eye doctors can assess your eyes’ overall health and performance. After an optical screening, our vision doctor will discuss the results with you and go over any concerns you might have. Our eye doctor will review your options for corrective lenses and available treatments at our office. We always take our time to ensure that your every need is met during your visit with us. Whether you need glasses, contact lenses, or surgery, our doctors will take steps to fulfill your optical needs.

Optical visits made quick and easy!

Here at Dunes Eye Consultants, we understand you have a busy schedule and appreciate the time you’ve set aside to address your optical health with our doctors. To keep your day moving, we’ve implemented an online registration form that makes your first appointment with us quick and efficient. By filling out this form online, you’re saving yourself precious time during your workday. If you’ve completed the form, you can avoid the wait time in our office and continue to your eye consultation. We thank you for your time, as this will save both you and your eye doctor many preliminary questions before getting straight to the optical exam. To make your first exam with us an efficient one, please click on the link here.

Online Registration